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Third repair and guess what? Did you guess it is not fixed.

How smart you are. But this time I am getting a thermocouple meter that is exact and will record the temps. Then I will once again call it in. What is even more interesting is that the extended warranty states Jenn-Air on the top, but when you call Jenn-Air they said they have nothing to do with the warranty.

I guess you just use your name for anything. Maybe some lawyers will love to ask Jenn-Air is this your name on the top of the Warranty? Did you license the company to sell this as it it was you?

The ads for the warranty sure leave the impression that you are getting this from or with the approval of Jenn-Air.

As I have said before - Don\'t Buy Jenn-Air

Oh by the way - watch their will be another of the fake replies from Jenn-Air as soon as this is posted.

Original review posted by user Jun 08, 2012

A six year old 30 inch double wall oven by Jenn-Air no longer stays within a reasonable temperature range and they call it normal. Set the oven to 400 degrees and watch it go to 480 and all of a sudden drop to 350 then zoom up to 450 then drop to 325 and Jenn-Air says a 20% plus or minus is within spec's. We have replaced the control panel, no change.

As an aerospace engineer I find that totally unreasonable that an oven can't be controlled any better than that. If I designed anything for an aircraft or spacecraft to be 20% plus or minus we would have aircraft falling out of the sky all the time.

I would strongly suggest you think twice about buying any Jenn-Air product if that is the way they design their products. To add ot this we purchased all Jenn-Air when we build our home and so far everyone of these items have failed. We have extended warranties because of the Jenn-Air junk. But they won't repair an oven that is 20% plus or minus in heating and we should live with the average. Then the tech tell me to buy a unit to measure the heat and record it. So I should spend a couple of hundred dollars to record what the Temp is. This is insane. Don't buy anything Jenn-Air until changes it entire design process. But being part of Whilpool I doubt they ever will.

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Seattle, Washington, United States #704098

We have a Jen Air Range MDL# JES9900BAS purchased in October 2007. Temp never remains the same as fluctuates all over the place.

Purchased an Extended Warranty, but wife never called. Now it is expired.

Now Large stove top burned won't hold temp.

$2000 for this piece of ***!


Every compliant on a Jenn-Air has the exact same note as above except the names of the contact change. Just look at all of them.

But they don't appear to do anything or even read what we post.

I am almost ready to bet I get one in response to this post. But their is always hope they learn to read.


Update- Techs have now replaced the heat sensors, no change, now going to replace the control panel again.

Also spoke to Emily and she agreed the oven should be closer in temp then these wild swings.

But the minute I said we have an extended warranty she stopped taking and said we have to talk to the company with the warranty.

The funny part is that the contract for the warranty says Jenn-Air on it and it is not them. I can only guess more of the misleading statements from Jenn-Air.


Hello! My name is Emily and I am a representative of Jenn-Air.

We truly regret to hear of your dissatisfaction with your wall oven.

If we can be of assistance please email us directly at JennAir.Digital@JennAir .com with your user name, your name, phone number, address as well as the model and serial numbers of your wall oven. Thank you, Emily.

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