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I purchased a Jenn Air (expensive and top of the line) oven in March of this year. I didn't have it installed for a few months due to a remodeling project we were doing on our kitchen.

The day before Thanksgiving, and before I was having family over for dinner the oven stopped working. I called Jenn Air and they told me that due to the holiday they didn't have any "direct" repair techs. for 2 weeks so they gave me the number to 2 techs. that they used for warranty issues in my area.

I called one of them, who kindly walked me through a reset of my oven.

When that didn't work he told me that he had this problem with Jenn Air ovens all the time and many of his customers didn't have an oven for Thanksgiving. He would be able to get the part by the following Monday, and at the latest I would have an operational oven by the following Friday. Friday came and went.

I called the tech. the following week and left a message. I received no response to that message or another message. I din't want to be a pain so I called Jenn Air directly again.

The rep. on the phone put me on hold and contacted the tech. and he said he was waiting for a part. At that time (by now it is Dec.

10th) the rep from Jenn Air told me she was having a part overnighted and that I would receive a call by the end of the business day. That call never came so I waited....and waited....

The next week, I called Jenn Air again. The rep. put me on hold and called the tech.

He told them that he had never heard of me. Jenn Air said they were going to take him off of the the way, his company's name is Fox Valley Appliance Repair from Berlin Wisconsin. Steer clear!!! At that time, Jenn Air scheduled one of their "direct" techs.

to come out the following day. When he arrived, he said that the oven needed 2 parts and that I wouldn't have the oven by Christmas either. I told him that Jenn Air was supposed to overnight the part to me before so maybe they would do that. He told me that even if the part was overnighted, he wouldn't have time to fix my oven until Dec.

26th. Happy that I would FINALLY have an oven, I scheduled the appointment. Today is the 26th and my 8 am to 12 noon time slot came and went. I called A & E Appliance in Milwaukee, WI to find out what was going on.

They said that they didn't have the part. When I asked if anyone was going to call to let me know no one was coming to my home they didn't have an answer. I called Jenn Air. Turns out the part is on back order until at least Jan.

7th. I asked for a replacement. They said that they had 7 to 10 days to find the part. I told them to look at the notes and since it had been since at least Dec.

10th since they promised me a part the 10 days were covered. They then told me that a special department had 24 - 48 hours to look for the part. I told them they must have had it on the 10th and I was informed that no one sent it to that department. That certainly wasn't my fault....but it doesn't matter to them.

I spoke to a manager and asked her to give me a contact number of someone who could help me. She told me that no one was allowed to speak to anyone in the company higer than her (the manager of a call center). The managers above her were for "administrative purposes only". She told me to call back to check the progress of the part.

I asked if I could receive a call as a courtesy so I wouldn't have to wait on hold and she told me "no". Here I sit with no oven (am having family again this weekend from out of town)...went through the holidays without an oven and there is no resolution in sight. When I got off of the phone I just cried. I want to help ANYONE avoid making the same mistake that I made so I am writing this.

Please don't buy Jenn Air, Maytag or any other brand associated with them...I believe that they are now owned by Whirlpool. What a shame.

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This is spookie I just bought a new Jenn Air refrigerator Nov. 2017 just befor Thanksgiving for $3,000.00 I notice a couple of days later The Whole inside of the freezer was frozen along with ice in my food and also my fruit in refrigerator was frozen & it was very cold & constantly running loud.....called PC Richards they sent a repairman who said the rubber seal was not afexed good and got a Blow dryer and sealed it...didn't work came out again and ordered a new one can back and put it on he said it would help the refrigerator too...the freezer was a little better but there was some ice on my food and it didn't help the fridg.

so he came out again and had to order a new freezer door track cause it would click & shake when opened and a Damper for the fidge I am waiting for that to come. I called several times to Jenn Air & PC Richards who is doing nothing for me and They Do NOT stand by their products....I keep telling them I want a NeW refrigerator I didn't pay $3,000 to keep having parts put in.....I am going to be calling a few people....Bamboozle in news paper Baquaro TV & better business bureau.....I am so upset & writing to Headquarters of both!


I am flabbergasted at the audacity this company displays.

How glad I am that I found yours and the reviews from others about Jenn Air.

I almost bought another Jenn Air, the one I am replacing is from the late 80's and has seen better days. So now I am on the lookout for something better.

Thank you for taking the time to write the report.

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