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I just found out that my $2400.00 jenn air dual fuel stove cannot be repaired because the electronic control board is no longer being made. Of course my stove is out of warranty and I am pissed off.

I bought the jenn air because I thought they would stand behind their product. Their customer service didnt even offer me a penny in trade in for a new Jenn air. They had no response to my question of what can I do now.

They just lost me as a customer and I found out that maytag owns Jenn air. So I guess no maytags for me either.

Monetary Loss: $2400.

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found this when researching this model. Maybe a little late in the game for you but might be of help to somebody else.

Looks like they do good work.



unlike most people on this blog, i have happily owned a jenn aire downdraft dual fuel range for the past 14 years. Model JDS9860AAP.

It has worked fabulously and flawlessly for me for years.

it is time to update my appliances as 14 years is quite old by today's standards. I will be shopping over the next few weeks so if anyone needs something off of this model, please let me know.

My email is unekeone65@gmail.com.

i know its an old thread but i hate to trash something that someone else can use.

Middletown, Rhode Island, United States #1247164

Roy is full of beans. The part control board is not available.

I also have to go buy a new downdraft range for $$3500.

Because Jenn air will not support their products with parts.



electronic control board for svd48600p stove is available at easy appliance parts part number ps10064575



Have a 9 year old Jenn Air range and they no longer have the required part.

I wrote to them about my displeasure and they politely told me to pound sand.

Crappy product. Terrible company.



Please sell me part #74006130 if your duel fuel is useless. I can't find one anywhere.

I'll pay whatever you want for it!!!!! Mine's useless without it.

The part is a supply tube, (for gas) and mine leaks. :o

to Jessica Phoenix, Arizona, United States #996268

I have this model of Jenn Air Range that was used for two years and has been in storage for the last 6 years. Pulled it out to install in an outdoor ramada kitchen and didn't realize that it was dual fuel.

I would sell the entire stove for $650 or trade for a stainless gas only range. Very nice condition.

Located in AZ. azflyingdoc AT gmail DOT com

to Anonymous #1116130

how much for the control board?


Jonesboro, Georgia, United States #825565

A little update on our dual fuel Jenn Air. I took the cartridges apart to attempt a repair, since I couldn't take them to a service facility, but would have to pay a trip charge.

Grrrrrr.... The carts are held together with 1/4 inch sheet metal screws, and of course the carts are corroding. Junk construction. I bought a replacement burner "head" from a local appliance parts dealer, Fox.

Good folks. The thing is mainly sheet metal.

The convection oven had been perhaps the pile of s**t's only saving grace, but now the convection fan refuses to run.

We plan to redo the kitchen, and you can bet that Jenn-Air will NOT be considered.

And, to add insult to injury, there is a spider web inside the door, between the curved front glass and the inner glass. No way will I try to fix that!

to Anonymous #825577

Lol about the spider.

I need part #74006130, which is a metal tube carrying the gas to the burner.

The 2 burners on the right are useless without a new one because the tube has a leak. My stove is model number JDS9860AAP.

If you get rid of yours, can I buy the part from you????? I'll easily pay in the 3 digits for one.

to Jessica #988667

Why bother? If you fix one thing you still have a pile of junk any way you look at it. Cut your losses and run.

to Jessica Jonesboro, Georgia, United States #996295

Would it be possible to repair the wretched thing? I can't remember whether the tube is stainless steel or aluminum - considering the cheap nature of the stove overall probably aluminum - aluminum can be soldered with the proper wire solder and flux.

I don't know about stainless.

A small split or hole might be easily repaired by someone who knows what they're doing. You might check with a welding supply house.

Yeah, the spider web is kinda funny, but not in combo with the other ***!


I too have the Jenn-air dual range. My MAJOR complaint is that the outside exhaust system allows cold air to come forth into the kitchen in cold weather.

We must cover the entire top of the stove to prevent the cold from coming in. This for a 2400 dollar stove.

I caution everyone who thinks they are buying a plush machine. It is a dud.

South Bend, Indiana, United States #721737

my dual fuel burst into flames this weekend.

I plan to file a complaint with saferproducts.gov


maybe if more people file complaints Jenn air will be forced to do something about the problems


I'm with you! My Jenn Air Slide In Duel Fuel Downdraft with Grill range is a useless piece of junk. The door on the oven will not shut. We purchased extended warranty and had the reputable certified Jenn Air person come to the house and they changed the hinges at least twice if not three times. BTW they charge for the service call and parts are free. $300 invested in repair that didn't work. On the last visit we were informed it needed an inner door liner and of course the unit is 9 years old and they nobody in the world has the part. So we have tied the door closed with bungee cords. Tried Earth magnets. The best fix was wedging a stool under the oven door handle to keep it shut. Well as you can image the heat from the oven has now messed with the mother board and the oven only heats to 250 degrees then give error code.

We are in desperate need of a new oven now and are really having heartburn spending another $2,600 on a new unit. You would think that Jenn Air and the local appliance company wouldn't want the bad rap and would offer a unit at cost or something. Oh and remember paying for extending the warranty. Forget that the warranty doesn't help you at all if the parts aren't available. DO NOT BUY WARRANTIES ON PRODUCTS ITS A SCAM. The products either work or they don't out of the box.

We looked at Sears for new unit and told us they carry the high end Jenn Air products and my wife and I busted out laughing. We are thinking Kenmore Elite now we understand they are owned by Electrolux who is owned by Frigidaire I think. Anybody have a suggestion?

Oh BTW as soon as we get our new unit we will be taking out the Jenn Air and blowing it up in a field and posting it on YouTube for the president of Jenn Air to see how people really feel about their products and customer service.

Bloomington, Indiana, United States #700586

Yes, one thing about them, they are consistent. They consistently don't give a flip about the customer and treat them all equally awful.


Never, never never will I have another Jenn Air. I'm on my second dual fuel downdraft range and since the day I got this I've sworn I will never own another.

Downdraft ranges for an island are few and far between and I was even willing to pay more for a Daco but have since been told by other people that the downdraft Dacor and Thermador are just a more expensive POS. Several years ago we replaced my first one withe the current one cus there really weren't any choices. The first meal I cooked was Thanksgiving. The Turkey took an extra 2 hours to cook over what it was supposed to.

I've had techniccians out and they've replaced this and that and tell me it's working just fine. Yet the oven is sporadic. Sometimes it cooks in the time expected, other times it will take twice as long or even longer than that! The burners are *** too.

Yup, takes for ever to boil water for spaghetti or anything else. The adjustment to low is non existent thus requiring a diffuser under the pan to prevent boiling over when trying to simmer. UGH!!! Never had the barbecue rack out of the box, but they force it on you with your purchase with the dual fuel model and then you have to buy the extra kit for the burners if you want to actually have four burners on the top.

Then wehn you use the self clean it burns out the control panel cus it gets too hot........well duuhhhhhh!! So I had a guy come out cus I got the error message and it just kept coming back. Told me to use only water when cleaning the stove around the control panel, jiggled a few wires and guess what it worked again, until.................the next time I tried to clean it and there it went again. Control panel - too hot - error message!

So my oven hasn't been cleaned in qute a while. Kitchen remodel is on the schedule as is an island range vent! Much as I don't really want one I'd much rather do that than buy another Jenn Air downdraft, or Jenn Air anything for that matter. At least the vent will open up some more options instead of being stuck with another Jenn Air POS!

Never buy one!

Beverly, Massachusetts, United States #658433

They've discontinued a part I need as well. I can't find one anywhere.

I need a supply tube, and without it, I can only use the 2 burners on the left. I am SO frustrated. I'd pay almost anything for one now. No more Jennair for me either.

If anyone has a junk jennair around, do you have a supply tube, part #74006130??? It's for a Downdraft, dual fuel range, Model JDS9860AAP.

to Jessica Beverly, Massachusetts, United States #825558

If anyone is throwing away their old jenn air dual fuel, please sell part #74006130 to me. It's a metal tube that brings the gas to the burners.

I've been searching for a year for one. Mine leaks, so my 2 right hand burners are useless. I will pay an exorbitant amount of money for this part. Please please please, help if you can.

Everything else works so I can't afford to ditch it.

Jessicamb @aol.com. I will easily pay in the 3 digits for this part.

to Anonymous #1500484

Why not repair that leaky tube with some JW Weld. You'd be surprised what that stuff can do.

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